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Ship agents and port operators in Ribadeo, Burela and Celeiro

As a family group PERTEJO, SL has designed a policy which concerns with what our clients personally demand, further strengthed by 60 years of solid experience through the maritime and port industry.

We offer shipowners, shippers and importers our services as ship agents and port operators, performing both administrative and operational tasks in the commercial ports of Ribadeo, Burela and Celeiro, all located in the province of Lugo (Galicia, Spain), with the purpose of making the communication/connection/ship-port interface as agile and efficient as possible.

Ribadeo port

The Port of Ribadeo is the second regional port in Galicia in terms of volume, handling around 600.000 tons of general cargo, timber and solid bulk cargoes.

Burela port

In the commercial port of Burela timber and solid bulk cargoes are the most common trades.

Celeiro Port

The commercial port of Celeiro, is a relevant and traditional port for the fishing activities which has joined also a commercial activity for solid bulk cargoes.