Ribadeo port

The port of Ribadeo is geographically located at latitude 43º 32,865′ N and longitude 007º 02,054′ W, and belongs to the province of Lugo (Galicia – Spain). Located in the Northwest area of the Iberian Peninsula, this port is inside the Eo´s River Estuary (Ria de Ribadeo), which forms a natural border between the Regions of Asturias and Galicia.

The Pilot embarkation position is located at least 1 Nautical Mile NNW of the Pancha Island Lighthouse.

Communication and contact with the Port Pilot is through VHF channel 12.

Anchoring is not allowed by the Maritime and Port Authorities neither around the vicinities nor within the limits of the Ria de Ribadeo.

Our services at Ribadeo Port.

The commercial port of Ribadeo is the second port of Galicia in terms of volume of cargo traffic, moving around 600,000 tons per year of general cargo and bulk cargo from the agri-food, forestry and mining sectors. With more than 60 years of experience as port operators and shipping agents, we offer you all the services you may require upon your arrival at the port of Ribadeo. We have the appropriate infrastructure of warehouses, machinery, experience and know-how to offer you the best coverage of services that the client requires for logistics and maritime transport.


Vessel at port of Ribadeo

Max.draft: 6 meters


Max. airdraft: 29 metres


LOA: 120 meters (for ships equipped with a bow thruster).

(Reference information as of today’s date but without our guarantee.)

Infrastructure and other services

The most relevant traffics of goods at Ribadeo port relate with general and bulk cargoes having the following infrastructures for their handling:

Scale service

The port of Ribadeo has an official scale with the option of self-weighing for trucks, whose management and control is the responsibility of Portos de Galicia port authority.

Other port services

Fresh water supply to ships

Border Inspection Control (P.I.F.) (…)

Port Facilities and Security Services based on international ISPS code compliance

MARPOL waste management service

Ribadeo Port


The nearest airports are:

  • Avilés (Asturias): 100 km (aprox. 50 mins by car)
  • A Coruña: 150 km (1 hour & 30 mins by car) (Airport for crew relief subject to VISA through the Border Police in Ferrol)
  • Santiago de Compostela: 190 km (aprox. 2 hours by car)

Land communications with Asturias, Galicia and the Meseta have improved significantly in recent years thanks to the construction of infrastructures such as the A-8 Cantabrian highway, as well as the ring roads and access from the highway to the commercial port. Likewise, several logistic areas have been created outside the port area as a complement and support to the port areas:

  • Polígono industrial Ribadeo  (Ribadeo industrial estate) about 2 km away with direct link to the port through the ring road.
  • Polígono industrial de Barres (Industrial area of Barres) (Castropol) about 12 km from the port with a link to the A-8 highway.
  • Polígono Industrial de Barreiros (Barreiros Industrial Estate), about 15 km from the port with a link to the A-8 highway.

Maritime distances from Ribadeo port

PORTS Nautical miles
A Coruña 81
Alexandria (Egypt) 2.520
Algeciras 726
Alicante 1.030
Almería 882
Amsterdam (P.B) 773
Antwerp (Bélgica) 742
Arles (France) 1.443
Aveiro 320
Avilés 51
Avonmouth (UK) 575
Ayr (UK) 735
Barcelona 1.248
Bayonne (France) 244
Belfast (UK) 697
Bergen (Norway) 1.216
Bilbao 175
Blaye (Francia) 340
Bordeaux (France) 343
Brake (Germany) 982
Cartagena 970
Casablanca (Marruecos) 750
Castellón 1.140
Corcubión 155
PORTS Nautical miles
Cork (Ireland) 509
Crotone (Italy) 1.914
Damietta (Egypt) 2.604
El Ferrol 80
Figueira de Foz (Port) 340
Fos (France) 1.415
Fredericia (Denmark) 1.332
Garston (UK) 683
Gävle (Sweden) 1979
Gdynia (Polland) 1.685
Genoa (Italy) 1.571
Ghent (Bélgica) 730
Gibraltar 729
Gijón 64
Halmstad (Sweeden) 1.258
Huelva 662
Hull (UK) 835
Ipswich (UK) 698
Izmir (Turkey) 2.370
Izmit (Turkey) 2.563
Kenitra (Morocco) 728
Kherson (Ukraine) 2.930
Kiel (Denmark) 1.398
King´s Lynn (UK) 822
PORTS Nautical miles
Klaipeda (Lituania) 1.737
La Pallice (Francia) 310
Lattakia (Syria) 2.731
Leixoes (Portugal) 292
Limay (France) 692
Lisboa (Portugal) 446
Livorno (Italy) 1.598
Málaga 794
Marín 210
Monfalcone (Italy) 2.439
Nador (Morocco) 865
Nantes (France) 332
Nea Moudania (Greece) 2.396
New Holland (UK) 838
Newport (UK) 569
Ostende (Bélgica) 676
Pasajes 224
Police (Poland) 1.551
Ponta Delgada (Portugal) 938
Poole (UK) 503
Portimao (Portugal) 563
Raahe (Finland) 2.235
Requejada 141
Rochefort (France) 314
PORTS Nautical miles
Rotterdam (P.B.) 753
Rouen (France) 621
Safi (Marruecos) 801
Sagunto 1.124
Saint Brieuc (France) 441
Salerno (Italy) 1.716
Santander 147
Savona (Italy) 1.557
Seaham (UK) 906
Sevilla 672
Southampton (UK) 546
St. Petersburg (Rusia) 2.119
Szczecin (Polland) 1.561
Tarragona 1.214
Terneuzen (P.B.) 715
Tilbury (UK) 699
Torrevieja 999
Uddevalla (Sweeden) 1.211
Valencia 1.120
Vigo 203
Villagarcía 200
Wolgast (Germany) 1.517
Workington (U.K.) 693