Port operators and services

Our scope of port services as ship agents and port operators includes a varied and different number of services provided at the commercial ports of Ribadeo, Burela and Celeiro.

Shipping agents

As ship´s agents we take care of shipowner´s interests at Ribadeo´s port offering a quick and proffessional service which covers all needs for the vessel and her crew.

Therefore we permanently keep in touch with all the parties involved during the operation and stay of the vessel while at port .

Ribadeo port

Port operations

Our company has the appropiate heavy machinery, equipment and staff for handling every type of general and bulk cargoes.

Project cargo

We may manage and coordinate any cargo operation no matter the size, weight or volume of the cargo. We can provide all the equipment, machinery and specialized personnel to handle project cargo with care, due diligence and safety.

descarga pieza project cargo Pertejo


We have available 7650 m2 at the port of Ribadeo for warehousing and storing goods.

Once the goods are received in our premises, we keep them properly for a later and careful delivery to our clients.

Customs House Agency

As customs house agents we proffessionally and efficiently deal with any dispatch of goods either between EU countries or for import and export regimes.

We prepare any dispatch of any vehicle or machinery which proceed from non-EU countries, as well as dispatches for vessels, dispatches for goods in transit,short term dispatches for import and export purposes, TIR certificates… etc. In a similar way we also arrange any EUR Certificate or Origin Certificate including EU countries, as for instance T2L´s.


We can also provide our clients with the most appropriate means of transport to help them in the export of their goods, advising them throughout the process, and we can take care of the management of means for the import and reception of their goods.

Customs House building Ribadeo

Mobile Cranes


PERTEJO S.L, provides you with a mobile crane service up to max. 70 tons cranes of lifting capacity for public work, infraestructures, commercial and residential market, as well as for the industry in general.

The company is duly authorised by the Department of Industry to mantain their own mobile cranes with registration GMA27000002.

PERTEJO, SL is also registered in the Registry of Authorised Companies to subcontract (R.E.A.) with number of identification 11/27/0008675.

Consultancy & Legal Advisors

Our administrative office advise you for any legal, taxing and labour matter, as well as any on-line service or dealing with any Governamental Deparment of Taxes; Social Security Department, Public Registries, other Public Offices and Official Institutions.